Apr 29, 2014

As in previews years, I would like to make a review of the year 2013. It is a little late as April 2014 is passing by... but it is never to late right?

As a fan of MOOCs, I acomplished some online courses. Not as much as last year, but still, I made some pretty interesting courses:

Both github repositories are available here and here. Both of them were done in Python.

Unfinished MOOCs:

I hate to have this section but some times you are just not able to find the time to accomplish everything you set yourself to. I stared two other MOOCs. One on Machine Learning and a c++ course both from Coursera. I did not have enough time to finish them for different reasons. I might re-try them again at some point in time.

Learning Go:

I set this as one of my goals for 2013, and I am really happy about my progression. During the year I did several projets and follow different tutorials in order to learn more about this language.

Here is a list of some Github repos (or sub repos) in Go that I did (some of them are still in progress).

I also blogged about porting of the udacity course cs253 from Python to Go,there are still some units to do :-)

Introduction to Dart:

I started to play around with Dart and participate in several sessions (more than 10 I would say) of #pairwithme proposed by Chris Strom on his ice code editor. This was really fun and I learned a lot, here I blogged about my experience doing this. I had to stop the #pariwithme sessions because of the time difference between France and the US, but I would recommend it to anyone willing to learn some Dart and help Chris on his project.

Learning AngularJS:

Angular was also one of my goals for 2013, I felt that I was missing knowledge in the web frontend, it is the place where I usually get stucked the most. I have learned a lot on angularjs and also on javascript and how to build modern web apps. This pluralsight course helped me with this, though it is not the best pluralsight course and it really goes fast on some aspects you wish they could have taken more time to address. I build a repo for this course that helps me remember how to do certain things, though it is not up to date as it was done on April 2013 and the angular versions go pretty fast. Right now I am building a project with Angularjs on the frontend and Go and Google App Engine on the backend. The project is really nice, and it is planned to go live in 2014. More on that later.

More courses, more learning!

Around July I attended a one week summer school in Tarragona, Spain which addressed different themes in the computer science world, this was really great and I learned a lot from it. My main highlights on this week where the following courses:
  • Web Search and Advertising by Professor Prabhakar Raghavan from Google, where we build a search engine in python. I made a prototype in Python and Google App Engine here.
  • Deep Learning of Representations by professor Yoshua Bengio, on Deep Learning in general.

Let's see what 2014 brings. :-)